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Health chiefs insist there is NO NEED for 'well people' to wear face masks –just hours before Donald Trump tells Americans they should wear them

  • Mr Hancock said UK was still advising health people not to wear the face masks

  • Comes despite US dramatically switching its stance on mask wearing overnight 

  • It now advises all Americans make their own if they can't get access to real mask

  • World Health Organization (WHO) also said to be switching its stance on masks


The Governments along with WHO, seem to put so much energy in telling people there is no need to wear a mask its only needed if your front line personnel basically doctors and nurses.  

The truth of the matter is our Governments who are against the idea of recommending for everyone along with the WHO World Health Organisation, realise that there are not enough masks in circulation.  Which is the main reason why the price of a single mask has increased significantly due to high demand and limited supplies everywhere. Its not that they don't protect you its that they don't want to cause further panic to those nations who are slower to react to the on going crisis.   


There is no proof about the tools of prevention at this stage as cases are still rising although what we can do is keep our physical distances, cleaning your hands and protecting the eyes and mouth. We could debate about this all year, although the question remains isn't some protection better then none at all ? 

Our Governments and the world health organisation tell us we don't need to worry about those silly little things called Masks/Respirators .  Its only for front line personnel Doctors / Nurses and health care professionals. STAY HOME STAY SAFE!

STAY HOME STAY SAFE! this line works well until you have a valid reason to leave your home. But what about all those people who have no choice but to work, some of which Taxi Drivers/ Bus Drivers / Tube and Train Drivers / Food Logistics along with the other people who need to go out for valid reasons

Are they not as just as important in helping to prevent further cases.


Some debate / some wait / some prevent / which are you? 

While Health chiefs around the globe continue to battle it out debating if masks along with other protective equipment actually work or not. 

We will contiue to do our best to source and supply based on what logic says.  This is one area in life you don't want to gamble with as somewhat demonstrated in the chart above of significantly lower figures of infection using Masks. - Mask users across the named countries shows significant movement in downward trend in comparison to the other countries which have been slower to advise the use of protective equipment and supply chain.  The encouragement of protective equipment across the board has shown infection rates have remained below those other countries according to its source.

We have tried to be as neutral as possible and none biased based on our research with points for your consideration .

We believe the only masks that protect you based on their specifications are FFP2 and FFP3 CE EU standard,  Also known as N95 and N99 americas standard / middle east standards  Blue surgical masks only protect you if your carrying out operations or don't want to contaminate a particular area, they are not as safe as FFP2 which covers you generally in both directions of aerosol filtration.